Ways of Overcoming Fear


+-*What is Fear All About?  Fear is an unpleasant feeling of anxiety which is caused by the presence or feeling of danger. It can also be explained as a frightening thought or a worry about something which threatens to bring bad news. On the other hand, fear can also be seen as a reverence or […]

Fearless Life; a Healthy Lifestyle


+-*Fear humiliates and also affects the way we think. A fearless man takes the bull by the horns. In order to live a healthy life, it is very important we remove fear from whatever we do. Are you preparing for a speech or a business transaction that involves a lot of capital?  Fear should not […]

Am I the only one?


+-*Yesterday during the hustle and bustle of the new year I dared to go to an Apple Store. (Had this battery malfunction that needed service.) I was a bit embarrassed… I couldn’t help myself, that’s just how I used my browser. More on this in a second. So Alex, my Apple Genius started asking me […]

7 Reasons I’m Thankful For You

+-*Today in the U.S. we are celebrating Thanksgiving Day. A national holiday, it is a day that is traditionally dedicated to serving turkey, eating too much, football, and family moments. It’s also a day for giving thanks. While everyone is enjoying the day with their families and friends, I did want to drop a quick […]

Secret Word Humans Don’t Know They Love


+-*The word without is one of the most powerful words in marketing and I bet you don’t even see it right in front of you. The reason why is because it’s hiding. I will share what I mean in a few paragraphs but first I want to tell you how this word Without will help […]

I understand that it can be difficult for small business owners to bring in customers daily, convert leads to sales consistently, and make the right offer at the right time. That’s why I’m introducing this transformative workshop, where I’ll show you how to create a strategy for your business that fully integrates both the online and offline elements of a successful sales and marketing plan. You’ll learn how to capture new leads, segment your marketing and close more sales with confidence.

If you aren’t bringing in new customers and converting leads to sales consistently, this is your chance to create a written plan with the guidance of a successful proven plan. This is not a laptop computer lab or technology driven event! This is a hands-on, roll-your-sleeves-up and get to it workshop, where every attendee leaves with the pieces, processes, and strategies they need to successfully create leads and close sales.

But be sure to sign up early! This event has limited seating, and you won’t want to miss out.

You Will Discover And Gain How To:

Create leads consistently

  • Learn 7 different ways to capture new leads
  • Learn how to turn a chore into a revenue generating routine
  • Walk away from the workshop with leads

Convert to sales more confidently

  • Understand The GOV Formula
  • Build a solid foundation & revenue model
  • Understand your offer and how to position it
  • Pinpoint where you can grow & improve
  • Break down the mental barriers that are keeping you from reaching your sales goals


  • Qualify & convert leads to lifetime customers
  • Learn how to get critical feedback from your peers and customers
  • Connect with your customers
  • Position yourself as an expert in your industry

You are an expert in your line of work–imagine feeling that same level of confidence about sales and marketing.

This event is for:
Direct Salespeople
Network marketers
Work from home
Sell face to face and over the phone 

This is a special event with limited seating. Normally, attendees have paid $497 for tickets to this event. This time Nathan decided to offer it for free with new live event offers exclusively at this event only.

Nathan will be the only speaker at this event sharing these time tested, proven methods to help you increase your business.

VIP Tickets Include:

Time Management Tatics Course (normally $197)

Private lunch gathering at 12pm on event day (meal not included)

Chance to win $50 Amazon Gift Card (must be present to win)

Date: November 15, 2014
Time: 09:00-04:00
Event: Fearless Millionaire Sales Coaching Event
Topic: Fearless Millionaire Sales Coaching Event
Venue: SpringHill Suites
Location: 12325 Johnston Rd
Charlotte, NC 28277
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.