Nathan Amaral is the creator of The GOV Formula – The “mysterious non-selling” method for business owners to sell more without feeling sleazy. He guides aspiring entrepreneurs in The Fearless Millionaire Freedom Formula, the world’s most comprehensive training on how to get to a million faster.

For these works, Donald Trump and dozens of media outlets call Nathan “one of the top, strategic selling trainers in the world.”

Nathan’s books, videos, products, programs and appearances can be found in hotels, cafes, bookstores and airports around the world.

Though best known for his motivation and high-end selling strategies work, Nathan is on speed dial as a marketing advisor to the world’s leading companies and experts. That’s because his creative marketing and proven selling strategies are time tested for real world results. He has launched

He has pulled weeds and planted bamboo with top experts like, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, John Burley, Dave Seymour, David Lindahl, Larry Goins, Sue Nelson to name a few. For these efforts, Nathan has become a sought after expert with an ever full waiting list.

Nathan was blessed to receive a second chance in life – after surviving a car accident and left alone to die. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping people find an opportunity they are passionate about and share strategies on getting to a million faster.

Nathan has shared the stage with top experts, celebrities and first-time speakers. Nathan  is seen on stages around the world with appearances in online interviews, Radio, Wall Street Journal, NBC, Under 30 CEO, Block parties and BBQs.

As one of the most shock-and-awe marketing minds of our time, Nathan’s clients include entrepreneurs and executives from around the world, and his advice, products, and training have been used by both expert and startup.

His heart can be found in The Fearless Education Foundation - founded by him and his wife Joy to assist underprivileged children pay tuition fees for a great education in Uganda, Africa.
Nathan speaks on a variety of topics including:

  • Unstoppable Confidence – Getting The Message Within, Out
  • You Are Being Lied To… How To Ask For More
  • Why Aren’t You Rich? 7 Minor Changes That Will Transform Your Business
  • The 7 Lost Secrets To Prosperity
  • How to live The Fearless Millionaire™ lifestyle

His Credentials Include:

  • Over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing such as Internet Business, Direct Marketing & Selling Businesses
  • Guides clients to make millions of dollars in sales and increases daily
  • Consultant to leading industry business experts
  • Created new marketing strategies and implementation for business such as Real Estate, Internet Marketing & Entrepreneurs
  • Degree in Business Entrepreneurship with a minor in Marketing
  • Extensive Real Estate Investment experience such as Lending, Residential, Commercial & Hotels

And His Media Incorporates:

  • The Fearless Millionaire™ Show
  • Whole Health Alerts – Weekly Wealth Mindset Contributor
  • Creative Success Alliance Newsletter
  • Business Beyond the Trenches Show
  • Co-Host with Dr. Leslie –  Wave of Fire

Nathan is adventurous a risk taker at heart. Give him a rule and he will find a way to break it without going to jail. He loves to test ideas, strategies and ideologies. He is happily married to his life partner Joy. They enjoy traveling, sharing a message of hope and opportunity through The Fearless Education Foundation.

Nathan Amaral

For Speaking, Consulting & Coaching Sessions Contact:

Phone 704.233.3077

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