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Stop Talking and Start Walking Toward Your Destiny!

If you have been thinking about starting an Expert Business or just haven’t made money from what you know yet, this program is for you. Together we will build your products & services, marketing, sales funnels & sales systems.  Speaking opportunities and joint venture partnerships are a must. In this program you will receive insight and direction on how to grow your expert business and create an income that you can leverage to live a life of wealth and freedom.

Benefits of working with Nathan Amaral:

Millionaire Mindset

  1. You will gain clarity of your Vision

  1. You will be implementing what you already know

  1. You will craft a mission statement and core values

  1. You will have your goals set and achieve them

  1. You will learn the Fearless Millionaire™ Language Patterns


  1. You will discover your target customer

  1. You will have a clear understanding on how to attract your target customer

  1. You will discover the “language” that your customer uses

  1. You will gain direction and marketing strategies for your first or next book launch

  1. You will be set up with radio interviews to share your message


  1. You will create and structure a coaching program that gives great value and lots of profit

  1. You will understand how to market and sell your coaching program

  1. You will create a membership program to sustain a residual income stream in your business

  1. You will discover marketing and sales strategies that Nathan only shares with private groups

  1. You will implement sales persuasion strategies to earn a higher return on your products and programs


  1. You will be featured in popular magazines and online publications

  1. You will have direction and marketing strategies for your first or next book launch

  1. You will be recognized in the media as an expert

  1. You will be introduced to other experts in the industry

  1. You will be connected with powerful partners that will form a strategic alliance for business


  1. You will get Nathan’s Rolodex of tools to start implementing to get money into your business

  1. You will be handed the tools you need to collect payments from your clients with ease

  1. You will have access to recorded calls to listen for points of deeper discussion

  1. You will have unlimited email access to Nathan

  1. You will have 5 phone calls per month with Nathan directly

Bonus #1

You will get Free list building software for your website and  social media. This will help you build your list faster and virally.

Bonus #2

You will get thousands of ready to go images for your websites, membership sites, social media, sales pages, product covers, banner images, icon images and a whole lot more. Instead of paying a designer to have all these done for you. I paid my designer to have them done for you.

Bonus #3

You will receive a company product or service logo. My team will work with you to create your first or next logo.

Bonus #4

You get a expert one sheet that can be used to market who you are to agents and media outlets.

Bonus #5

You will receive a marketing letter that can be used for in expert industry to introduce who you are, what you offer, credentials and testimonials. This gets into the hands of media agents.

“You will make money and lots of it if you never ever give up.” - Nathan Amaral

Someday is Here!

Application To Work With Nathan Amaral

I am not currently accepting new clients. Due to the high volume of requests, I have created a waiting list. If you wish to be on the waiting list, this is how you do it: please fill out the application. Your application is 100% confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. If and when a spot opens up for a new client, I will select candidates based on the merits of their application. The more detail you can give me, the better your chances of being selected.

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Refund Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with our relationship and the growth you’re seeing, I am willing to provide a full refund for you purchase within 30 days of our relationship. No questions asked.


Coaching Programs

Strategy #1

Phone-Based Business Coaching  

  • Personal Performance
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting Mastery
  • Core Concepts Creation
  • Marketing Strategies & Implementation
  • High-Performance Value Selling
  • Business Growth & Strategic Planning

Strategy #2

3 Day On-Site CEO Empower Training   

  • Power Focus Sessions
  • Business Strategic Planning
  • Product Development & Creation
  • Marketing Strategies & Implementation

Strategy #3

10 Day On-Site Strategic Business Planning & Growth

  • CEO & Team Building Coaching
  • Mission & Vision & Core Value Planning
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • Company Branding & Positioning
  • High-Performance Sales Team Training
  • Marketing Strategies & Implementation

Nathan can tailor 1 on 1 time with you and/or your company. Due to his current schedule, Nathan can only allow a VERY LIMITED number of clients into his Coaching Programs to qualified candidates on a first come, first serve basis. Prices will vary based on the program you select. If interested in learning more, please contact the office directly and he will get back to you to answer your questions and to see if there is a good match.

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Make Dough From What You Know

The Info-Business Structure & Launch Program

1 year to 1 Million – $97,000

For 10 years Nathan has privately worked with the top business experts in the country helping them build multi-million dollar businesses by taking what they know and packaging, promoting and profiting from it by taking the training to the world. Now Nathan has decided to expand the marketplace with new experts, products and new profits. Nathan holds nothing back, he knows what needs to be done, softwares to use, new marketing strategies to use to capture the market and tools that get the job done. Nathan has helped the biggest names in the industry such as: Trump University – Rich Dad Education – Russ Whitney – Dave Lindahl – Dave Seymour – Chris Bowser – Larry Goins – Sue Nelson – Dr. Leslie Wells – Jeff Adams – Jack Bosch – John Burley - Zack Childress to name a few… If you are creating a new product or program or don’t have one yet, Nathan can help you structure and launch your offer for a successful profit.

If you are ready to expand your influence and help others, let’s make money! 

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