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Fearless Millionaire Make More Money Challenge

Over the years I have had countless people ask me to help them make more money. Many people I have helped with tips, ideas, strategies even connected folks right up to a money stream. The cool part about it was that it connected with my core mission helping people be more, earn more, and live more. The only problem I had as a coach with this model, with a full calendar of helping people was that it wasn’t very lucrative. Now, I love helping people but I can’t help more people if I don’t take care of my own village, know what I mean?

So I decided to come out with a proven plan that still would help people (players) who wanted to make more money and yet get paid as a coach, like I already was, now just getting paid as one. I truly believe players should be paid more than a coach because they are ones in the field making it happen. And a good coach, outside looking in, can help a player to win the game.

So I went to the drawing board and came out with, The Fearless Millionaire Make More Money Challenge. This is a coach’s challenge to the player, You, that is willing to learn how to get better in the game of business, and it pays the players correctly too! Here is a breakdown of how this challenge works: 

Invest $1,000 and I’ll help you make $10,000 

Invest $10,000 and I’ll help you make $100,000 

Invest $100,000 and I’ll help you make $1,000,000

It’s obvious that this plan is in your favor then mine, that’s correct, that’s the way I like it. The important thing is to get started. To start at a level that works for you.

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Coaching Programs


Strategy #1 – The Fearless Millionaire Selling Circle

Fearless Millionaire Full

 Strategy #2

3 Day On-Site Live Training  – Starting at $10,000

  • Strategic Building and Planning with CEO
    • Mission & Vision & Core Value Planning
    • Customer Loyalty
    • Customer Service & Satisfaction
    • Company Branding & Positioning
    • Marketing Strategies & Implementation
  • High-Performance Sales Team Training
    • High-End Sales Strategies
    • Magnetic Attractive Marketing
    • Deep Hypnotic Persuasion Strategies
    • Double The Sales, Double The Fun


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Make Dough From What You Know

The Info-Business Structure & Launch Program

1 year to 1 Million – $97,000

For 10 years Nathan has privately worked with the top business experts in the country helping them build multi-million dollar businesses by taking what they know and packaging, promoting and profiting from it by taking the training to the world. Now Nathan has decided to expand the marketplace with new experts, products and new profits. Nathan holds nothing back, he knows what needs to be done, softwares to use, new marketing strategies to use to capture the market and tools that get the job done. Nathan has helped the biggest names in the industry such as: Trump University – Rich Dad Education – Russ Whitney – Dave Lindahl – Dave Seymour – Chris Bowser – Larry Goins – Sue Nelson – Stacy Kennedy – Jeff Adams – Jack Bosch – John Burley – Zack Childress to name a few… If you are creating a new product or program or don’t have one yet, Nathan can help you structure and launch your offer for a successful profit.

If you are ready to expand your influence and help others, let’s make money! 

Application To Work With Nathan Amaral:

I am not currently accepting new clients. Due to the high volume of requests, I have created a waiting list. If you wish to be on the waiting list, this is how you do it: please fill out the application. Your application is 100% confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. If and when a spot opens up for a new client, I will select candidates based on the merits of their application. The more detail you can give me, the better your chances of being selected.

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Refund Policy

guarnteeIf you are not 100% satisfied with our relationship or growth you’re seeing, I am willing to provide a full refund for you purchase within 30 days of our relationship.